Monthly Archives: January 2009

La Mer Concierge Has A Blog

La Mer Concierge would like our clients and friends  to know we now have a Blog up and running.  This Blog will be another tool which will help our client’s keep in touch with us, as well as many Cape Cod events.  We hope you enjoy this venue.        Upcoming Blog articles will include:  Local events, Weather related news, Local Business […]

Let it Snow; Why the recent snow, before the record cold set in, was to our benefit.

           Blog 1 January,18 2009′  Snow provides insulation to the ground by protecting it from the fluctuating air temperatures above; this insulation minimizes the freezing-and-thawing cycle that occurs when the air temperature changes (such as the near-zero temperatures Cape Cod experienced January 15 and 16, to be offset by rising to the 40’s on Sunday the 18th). Snow helps […]